Terms and Conditions

We like to keep things pretty simple, our T&C’s are no different!


  1. Impact: We only support impact-oriented innovation that supports the raising of social foundations or helps bring us back within planetary boundaries.


  1. Membership agreements: These must be signed prior to any initiatives being commenced in the lab space.


  1. Hours of operation: 24/7 – all day every day. 9 am – 5 pm staffed hours.


  1. Our offering: We have various amenities such as high-speed internet, printing facilities, meeting rooms, communal areas, a kitchen and end-of-trip facilities.


  1. Prosocial behaviour only: This one is pretty self-evident. Although we welcome all and are inclusive, we do not welcome antisocial behaviour.


  1. Liability and Insurance: All members must acquire public liability and the relevant insurance for their work, prior to commencing their initiative.


  1. Changes and Termination: We do our best to keep costs low to be able to support impact-oriented innovation, however, the price of membership will be revisited every six months, depending on outgoings. The price will never change drastically, as outlined in the membership agreement. In the unfortunate event of a member breaking the terms, CoLabs has the right and responsibility to protect themselves and their members by terminating a membership at any time. Members, too, have the right to terminate their membership with 1 month’s notice.