Affordable Co-Working lab space for your biotech startup

Co-Labs Melbourne

Why Co-Labs? 

Hi there! We're Andrew and Sam, the co-founders of Co-Labs Melbourne. We're working to democratise access to scientific innovation in Melbourne. 

Co-Labs is an interdisciplinary innovation hub and biotechnology co-working laboratory. We turbocharge translational research and impact-oriented innovation. Helping catalyse the transition towards a circular, regenerative, bio-based economy.

We reduce the overheads of bio-innovation by providing enabling infrastructure and business support services to startups in the innovation ecosystem, via a simple fee-for-service model.

Oh, and we also provide lab design and development services to help you scale up from our facility to your next home, too.

So, whether you're a biotech business, an independent researcher or a life science startup, we've got you covered, every step of the way. 


Melbourne's first co-working space for biotech businesses, independent researchers and life science startups.

Curious? Drop us a line.

Please tick all that apply for you and feel free to let us know exactly how many benches and/or desks you are after in the section below.


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Free access to general equipment

Access to fridge, freezer, centrifuges, incubators and more.

open access laboratory turn key solution 24 7 co working
Simple fixed fee & 24/7 access

Pay for a bench and/or a desk, we'll look after the rest.


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Located in Brunswick

Situated only 15 minutes north of Melbourne's world-class Biotech precinct in Parkville.