We offer so much more than just lab space

Membership pricing

Looking to rent lab space in Melbourne? We have a suite of flexible options available to help you build your business. You can hire a bench, a desk, or both! We offer short term lease options with no lock-in contracts. All 'Co-Laborators'  get access to a fridge, freezer, storage space, wi-fi, desk space, and more.


   Dedicated PC1 Bench

From $1,800 per month.

Dedicated PC2 Bench

From $2,200 per month.

Flexible Bench Hire

$150 a day, $500 a week.


Dedicated Office Desk

$450 per month. 

Hot desking

$150 per month.


Just drop us a line in the contact form below, we're here to make your research life as easy as possible!

Lab design and development

Looking to scale up your operations? No problem. We also support organisations with lab design, development and project management services.

Sourcing talent

We don't just provide access to lab space, we also enable access to local talent within Melbourne’s biotech ecosystem. Over the past five years, we've built up a thriving community of biotech students and scientists. Through this network, we've helped many of our members source top tier talent to help them crush their research goals. 

Have questions? Get in touch

Please tick all that apply for you and feel free to let us know exactly how many benches and/or desks you are after in the section below.

Use Our Equipment At No Extra Cost

Besides trying to find and manage a lease yourself, one of the biggest pains is sourcing and buying equipment. Check out what we can offer to save you thousands of dollars on capital expenditure and months of lead time in trying to source equipment.


Both normal and CO2 incubators


Freezers (-80, -20) and fridges available for storing temperature-sensitive reagents

inverted microscope

Inverted, standard, and stereo microscopes available to view samples

fume hood

Fume hoods and laminar flow hoods for safely handling your samples

PCR machine

PCR, gradient PCR and qPCR available


Centrifuges in 1.5ml, 15ml, and 50ml sample volumes


Scales and pH meters for reagent prepping


A wide variety of glassware, and consumables also available

Why Co-Labs

In addition to being the only simple solution to leasing commercial lab space, there is one other reason to join us.

By signing up with Co-Labs, you'll be supporting BioQuisitive and The Phoenix School Program, two STEM education charities. The first supports public engagement in science and the second donates equipment to schools in need. 

What You Get

Members have access to a number of benefits at no extra cost.

  • Purchasing

    Need help purchasing reagents? We have accounts with most major suppliers.

  • Free Equipment Usage

    Everything mentioned above and more. If you're after something specific let us know.

  • Waste management

    Bio-Hazardous waste and general waste

  • Office Amenities

    Access to high-speed internet, 24/7 access, and our networks to help you with your work