Our Charity Partners

We believe in supporting our STEM ecosystem.

Co-Labs was born not from a desire to create yet another co-working space; it was born from the desire to catalyse curiosity and create an environment where scientific innovation can function freely, unimpeded by hierarchy and bureaucracy.

Supporting good science is at the heart of what we do. That is is why we have decided to dedicate 10% of our profits to BioQuisitive and The Phoenix School Program, along with providing them with free space in our co-working facility so that these initiatives can continue to have a positive impact STEM engagement and education throughout Australia.

BioQuisitive is an open community laboratory. They provide a safe environment for people from all walks of life to come and learn about biology, life sciences and get involved in workshops, classes and projects.

By providing equal access to practical experience in the life sciences, they are an invaluable resource for community engagement in STEM and the promotion of scientific literacy.

The Phoenix School Program

The Phoenix School Program is an Australian Charity focused on the promotion of STEM literacy and the application of circular economics to the scientific ecosystem.

TPSP diverts superfluous scientific equipment from landfill and donates it to schools in need. They are also currently creating a teacher and lab tech mentoring program to help upskill STEM educators.